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Many times we find ourselves hiding away in the bathroom to shed a tear, simply because some other girl that goes to the school we are in bullied us. Bullying is not only physical, it’s also emotional. It is mainly when someone says or does something to hurt our feelings.
For instance when I first joined high school I was all alone, no best friend of the same class or a neighbor that stayed in the same place I did. Adapting wasn’t that hard once you understood the rules. After about a week I became a cop [class leader]. (I haven’t had such authority handed to me due to reasons like I was the worst noisemaker when I was younger.)This one day a girl thought that I wasn’t good enough to lead the class, so she started planning to overthrow me. She even went to the teacher to report all sorts of mistakes that I had made as if I wasn’t to make any.
I had no one not even the one friend I thought I had made, I guess humans will always remain humans. Anyway all I did was cover myself with the bed cover and cry myself to sleep. After mid break, she came back a whole lot different, she even offered to be helping me with my situational problems, hard to believe (trust me I know) there was nothing else I could do.
True to say I has little faith that things would turn out in my favor and they did. It truly does pay to have that faith because it might be the only thing preventing you from total meltdown.
Written by : FAITH LYNNET.


world 🌏 problems

According to the current situation in Kenya the only outstanding problem facing the government is corruption.Why?

1. The money being allocated to the county government and ministries for development is being stollen and instead of developing of infrastructure, hospitals, and roads.